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Destati's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tv Review

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Rated: 6

As I mentioned above, Advent Children really is just a bunch of fanservice for FF VII's fanbase. If you haven't played FF VII before, you are out of this movie's target demographic. However, the fight scenes are still incredible, and the movie is still enjoyable (because really, you're not watching this for the story). If you have played FF VII before, though, Advent Children is a fun romp that revives one of the most beloved games of all time. There're lots of little easter eggs for Final Fantasy fans to find.

One complaint that I have is that I wish the Turks played a bigger role. The humerous moments in Advent Children really only come in two forms: first, recognizing things from FF VII or other little easter eggs that bring joy to a fan of the series.

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